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swaret Internationalization (i18n)
- Language Files (Version 1.6.0) -

Below you can see a List of Languages with their Translators. If your Language is not available in the List, and you would like to make a translation from English to your Language, you can send us an E-Mail. You can always Download and Install the latest swaret Package. After installing, you can translate /etc/swaret.lang.

New Language Files will be put on this Page, so visit it regularly.

You should also make a translation for:
  - /usr/man/man5/swaret.conf.5.gz
  - /usr/man/man8/swaret.8.gz
  - /usr/doc/swaret-1.6.0/FAQ
  - /usr/doc/swaret-1.6.0/HOW-TO-USE-SWARET

Language   Translator(s)
Czech   Jachym Cepicky
Danish   Jacob Vinter Rasmussen
Dutch   Luc Cottyn
English   Luc Cottyn
English GB   AZ
French   Luc Cottyn
German   Tobias Mueller
Italian   Marco Pennelli
Norwegian   Tore Dalaker
Portugese   Alexandre Francisco
Portugese BR   Alexandre Hautequest
Russian   Pavel Shaternik
Russian   Pavel Shaternik
Spanish   Carlos A. Urdaneta P.
  Edmundo Antoranz
Spanish MX   Guillermo E. Betanzos

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