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swaret is a script to help keep your Slackware System up-to-date.

swaret Upgrades, Installs, Re-Installs, Downloads,...
Packages, Patches, Sources (with Build Scripts) and much more!
swaret includes Dependency Support, which Tracks and Fixes missing
Libraries. It uses several Slackware Linux Mirrors through
http/ftp/rsync or a Local Repository. swaret has also Repository
Support to create a Repository of Slackware Packages which will
allow swaret to use it with the known --ACTIONS.
swaret can also use 3rd-party Slackware Packages available on
LinuxPackages DOT NET and other Repository Sites.
swaret has also Internationalization (i18n) Support.

Software you need to use swaret:
- You need Slackware Linux 8.1 or Higher or Current.
- You need slackware/a/pkgtools.
- You need slackware/a/bash.
- You need slackware/n/wget and/or slackware/n/rsync.
- You need other tools like:
   >> slackware/a/gawk
   >> slackware/a/sed
   >> slackware/a/man
   >> slackware/a/grep
   >> slackware/a/procps
   >> slackware/a/coreutils or fileutils or textutils
   >> slackware/a/util-linux
   >> slackware/a/gzip
   >> slackware/a/bzip2
   >> slackware/ap/bc
   >> slackware/l/glibc

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Linux® is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Slackware® is a registered trademark of Slackware Linux, Inc.